D ANGELICO Premier DC Vintage Sunburst - WN

  • Marca :D ANGELICO
  • Modello :Premier DC Vintage Sunburst
  • Stato : Nuovo
  • Condizione : Brand New
  • Disponibilità : Pronta consegna
  • Spedizione Spedizione gratuita

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D ANGELICO Premier DC Vintage Sunburst - D Angelico Premier Mini DC features upgraded pickups, locking tuners, and figured tonewoods that you won't find on any other Premier Mini DC. The Premier Mini DC's smaller body is extremely comfortable and yields a bright, rich sound with loads of bite and sustain. Thanks to the solid center block, you'll get feedback-free performance. The tone is generated by a pair of USA-made Seymour Duncan humbuckers — SH-2n Jazz in the neck and SH-4 JB in the bridge. As such, it can serve up a smorgasbord of tones, from jazzy cleans to full shred. Navigating this guitar's comfortable, fast C-shaped neck is effortless, as your fingers dance on its smooth bound ovangkol fingerboard. If you're on the hunt for a cross-genre do-it-all semi that will ace any live gig or studio session, the D'Angelico Premier Mini DC is the one you're after.


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