FENDER GEDDY LEE Jazz Bass MN BLK - 0147702306 - WN 885978284559

  • Marca :FENDER
  • Modello :GEDDY LEE Jazz Bass MN BLK - 0147702306
  • Stato : Nuovo
  • Condizione : Brand New
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GEDDY LEE Jazz Bass MN BLK - 0147702306 - Electric Bass It's high time that bass legend Geddy Lee gets his own signature model, and it is at first glance rather modest with no striking peculiarities: a jazz bass almost off the shelf, if it were not for the combination of selected parts from Geddy's favourite basses. For example, the neck that corresponds to that of a 70s model. A robust unobtrusive grafter that has exactly the power needed to once again prove that one jazz bass is easily suitable for different sounds and playing techniques Geddy Lee (Rush) signature model Alder body Maple neck Fretboard: Maple 70's Jazz bass neck profile Pickups: 2 Vintage jazz bass single coils Geddy Lee High Mass bridge Colour: Black Gig bag included Made in Mexico

EAN: 885978284559

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