• Marca :KEMPER
  • Modello :PROFILER RACK
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Kemper Profiling Amplifier BK RackKemper Profiling Amplifier BK Rack, 19 version, the Kemper profiling technology allows you to take a precise sound snapshot of an existing amplifier setup including speaker cabinet & microphone(s). This snapshot can then be modified even far beyond the amps original possibilities by the internal processors such as multiple stomp effect emulations (up to 4 simultaneously), master effects, equalizer, gain, amp definition, power sagging etc. The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is already delivered with several painstaking amp profiles on board so you don t necessarily have to make your own profiles. It is now possible for the first time to take a precise snapshot of your own amplifier sound, modify it (if desired) and use it for practice, in the studio or on stage without carrying heavy equipment. Connections: Mic input, line In, alternative input, direct out, monitor out, master out (jack & XLR), S/PDIF digital input and output, midi in/out/thru, 2 x footswitch (jack), network & USB, dimensions whd: 48x20x14,5 cm, weight: 5,4 kg, colour: black

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